Coumadin Clinic

What is an Anticoagulation Clinic?

An anticoagulation clinic is a medical facility that manages anticoagulation medications, monitors patients’ blood levels, and optimizes anticoagulation therapy by using specific dosing and educating patients.

Existing patients who have been prescribed anticoagulants must make an appointment to have their INR test done and medications adjusted.

After the INR is done, results are communicated to patients' managing cardiologists and primary care physicians. Our nurses provide one-on-one education and counseling regarding medication management.

What is an Anticoagulant?

Coagulation is a medical term that refers to the development of blood clots.  Blood clots typically help the body by stopping bleeding when an injury has occurred.  However, sometimes the body becomes more prone to clotting, which causes problems when clots occur in the heart, lungs, or brain.  An anticoagulant is a medication that helps to prevent these harmful blood clots from forming.

What is Coumadin/Warfarin?

Anticoagulation is typically monitored using warfarin (Coumadin) which is a blood thinning medication.   Warfarin requires extensive monitoring and management, and it is monitored by performing a blood test called the INR (international normalized ratio).  Depending on certain factors, there is an ideal therapeutic INR range for each patient.  The INR should be checked regularly to ensure proper treatment.

Our clinic hours are 7:45 am - 2:30 pm Monday-Friday. Appointment requests should be made by calling 973-775-3244.